Gabriela Ruzicková

Mendel University in Brno

Research Assistant/Lecturer

“Wild plants are simply wild, healthy, scented and
beautiful. They bring me a piece of the fresh fleeting moment of nature”.

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Gabriela has always had a deep love and fascination for wild plants and particularly for medicinal plants. She grew up surrounded by them and her Grandma taught her how to recognise them. One of her first jobs was working in a pharmacy, where she was able to pass on her knowledge and give good advice to patients. It was no surprise therefore that Gabriela chose medicinal and aromatic plants for her academic studies too.

“Wild plants have always been a passion of mine and it is wonderful to be able to work in an area that I love”.

Gabriela’s research covers many of the plants which feature in the “Traditional and Wild” project and she is delighted to share the results of her research with the team, whilst also continuing to learn from them. So much of the work of the project is close to her heart and to work she is already doing personally.

“Beside the students, I pass on my knowledge about the plants to the people from the villages, to the children and of course to my own little son”.

She even uses her own garden to help too.

“When some villagers need plantlets, seeds or dry medicinal plants, my mother and I try to help them in our garden. It’s a pleasure for us, it’s our hobby. My family likes when I make a fresh salad with edible flowers and weeds. It is delicious and full of colours and tastes”.