kristina rodina

TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network

Medicinal Plants Officer

“The world would just be a less interesting place without all the magnificent and colourful plants in it. I am excited to get in touch with the extremely wide number of plants in my daily life”.

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Kristina’s work in the Medicinal Plants Programme of TRAFFIC has taught her so much. She is determined to share her new-found knowledge as widely as possible.

“The reason I am especially fascinated by the use of wild plants is because it plays such a large role in the dependence of people on nature. It is amazing to see how close the relationship between people and wild plants is and how dependent we are on natural products”, she states.

The key to the success of the programme is to work equally with conservation, healthcare and the livelihoods of the communities involved.

“We need to create a sustainable future for medicinal and aromatic plants and the people and healthcare practices that depend on them”.

Her work on the “Traditional and Wild” project has prompted Kristina to look ahead at potential future projects too.

“Being involved in such an amazing wild-plant conservation project has motivated me to do more for nature conservation overall. My hope is to be involved in more projects of this kind and specifically to encourage the business sector, to design and deliver the message to consumers about the importance of sustainable and ethical sourcing of wild harvested plant products”.

This has been a truly life-changing experience for Kristina.

“This work has opened my eyes to a whole new world, a world which is green and pure. It totally changed my perspective on things, and gave me a new lease of life. Healthiness, happiness and lightness are my life mottos”.