Malgorzata Draganik

“Pro Carpathia” Association

Project Manager

“You could say I have wild plants in my blood, in more
ways than one”.

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As the daughter of a biologist, Malgorzata grew up with wild plants in her life from childhood and has never lost her love and fascination for them, eventually going on to become a biology graduate herself.

“You could say I have wild plants in my blood, in more ways than one”, she says.

In her work at Poland’s “Pro Carpathia” Association, Malgorzata already had an ideal opportunity to develop her life-long interest by getting involved in nature conservation in the region but the “Traditional and Wild” project really goes to the heart of her personal passion.

“I love to collect wild plants and every day I prepare myself a different aromatic tea from the results of my collection. Now I can go much further than simply enjoying the plants myself. I am getting involved in communities which depend upon them”.

As a member of the project team, Malgorzata is able to share her own wealth of knowledge with other team members and learn from them too.

“This project is about the important practical uses of wild plants but there will always be an element of mystery about them, which I love. We know what they can do but don’t always know how or why they do it. That’s why the world of wild plants has always been associated with mystical beliefs and magic. Sometimes when I take a sip of my daily tea, I close my eyes and allow myself to drift into that world of magic and mystery”.