Péter Radácsi

Corvinus University of Budapest

Department Engineer/PhD Candidate

“Once you have tasted a rose-hip jam, you will never
forget its taste”.

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It was a dream come true for Péter, to be offered the role of Project Manager for the Traditional and Wild project.

“I couldn’t believe it when I got the call and it didn’t take a moment’s thought to accept the offer”, states Péter.

Péter has dedicated most of his life to studying and teaching about medicinal and aromatic plants. At Corvinus University, he is part of a unique team of more than 15 people at Europe’s biggest academic department for the study of these plants and was an ideal choice to lead the projecMt.

“Walking in a meadow or a forest and not only recognising the plants but also being aware of how to use them is a wonderful feeling. Once you have tasted a rose-hip jam, you will never forget its taste”.

The most important consideration for Péter was always that he could keep learning and spreading the word about the value to the world of these amazing wild plants.

“More than 500 people have already been trained by our partnership and each one will now pass on their knowledge to thousands more”.

By prioritising the preservation of traditions and heritage alongside the preservation of the plants, he believes that this project is truly improving people’s lives in those communities.

“We still have plenty of work to do and every day presents a new challenge but we are already making a difference and the results can be seen with our own eyes”.